Packing, Moving and Storing Tips

Packing Tips

  • Take a few precautions to help prevent damage and make it easier to find things later.
  • Add bay leaves to boxes to ward off most insects and household pests.
  • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors slightly ajar and clean before storing. Use the space inside for storing other kitchen items.
  • If storing your fridge or freezer empty, place several charcoal briquettes in a pair of pantyhose to absorb any odors. Be sure to prop the door open and secure it with tape.
  • Don't pack items into sealed plastic bags, as humidity can cause mildew to form.
  • Spray your wood furniture with a good quality furniture spray before storing it in the facility to give it some added protection.
  • Plan to use furniture drawers as an extra box (they are especially good for fragile items) and you can use the inside of wardrobes to store boxes. Kitchen appliances such as stove and fridges can also be used in this way.
  • It is against the law in Idaho to store materials that are hazardous or combustible such as gasoline, cleaning fluids, paint, etc. Drain all gasoline from lawnmowers, power tools, boats and snowmobiles. Only empty propane tanks are allowed. Do not forget the tank on your grill.
  • Store mattresses and box springs on long edges. Purchase storage bags in office that are made specifically for mattresses so that they can breathe to prevent mildew from forming.
  • Do not use newspaper to pack with. The ink may leave smudges on certain items.
  • Do not fill boxes too full. This may cause them to burst.
  • Store framed mirrors, photographs and artwork vertically rather than flat.
  • Cover furniture with sheets or tarps to protect them from stains, tears, scratches or moisture.
  • Place least used items at the rear of the moving van so they can easily be placed first in the back of your unit. Now you can place frequently accessed items towards the front of your unit.
  • Do not store food in open containers or any item which could attract rodents or pests. Why risk your possessions just to keep a few cents worth of leftovers?

Finding a Mover

Moving a home or an office into storage requires a lot of planning. To find a reliable mover a good place to start is by talking to your friends and relatives for feedback on a company that they have used. You may refer to local directories and browse online sites. You will need to decide if you need a full-service moving company, a pack-only moving company, a drive-only moving company, or a trailer rental for you to pack and drive your own belongings to one of our convenient self storage facilities. It's best to do a bit of research first and to get multiple quotes in order to compare prices and services offered. Check for customer service reviews on the moving companies that interest you.

Finding a good moving company gives you peace of mind and allows for a more enjoyable storage experience whether it is an office, home furniture, or household items.

Self-Storage Tips

  • When choosing a storage unit, factor in a little more room than your belongings take up in order to allow everything to fit. There is nothing worse than finding your unit is too small.
  • Purchase a secure, high quality lock. One of the most highly recommended is the disc lock, which is available for purchase in the Advanced storage centers office.
  • Any type of vehicle may be stored in the unit to free up space in your garage. Please provide a copy of registration or title to prove ownership.
  • Be Safe—only bad things can happen when you're tempted to over-reach. Keep a folding stepstool inside your storage unit for accessing items stored above your head.
  • For easier access, try to leave an aisle down the center of the unit.
  • Number your boxes on several sides and keep an inventory of the contents of each box, listed by number, in a separate binder. Store the binder in a safe place at home should you ever need it.
  • Think creatively and you'll make the most of your storage space.